Health and wellbeing for your workforce

A healthy team is a productive team

There are endless solutions out there aimed at helping companies understand their greatest asset: people. Collecting data around different areas of your team’s wellbeing is great.

But data on its own isn’t worth much.

Aisti examines employees' resources from different perspectives

An energetic person has enough resources to do meaningful things


Inspiring culture makes conditions for motivating work possible


Motivational work produces results


Screen, intervene, monitor, repeat

Aisti Health takes a smarter approach to data. It connects the dots to identify lifestyle challenges early and turns that information into guidance that people can use on the path to a healthier future. This way your team knows where to start and you know how to support them.

The best team for your team

Aisti is based on the deep expertise of a multidisciplinary team of medical and wellbeing professionals and scientific research.

See the big picture

Aisti gives you a clear big-picture view of your team’s wellbeing – fast. Our entirely digital web-based solution makes data gathering simple.

See where to focus first

Aisti group-level reports reveal under-the-radar risks, groups your employees by risks and strengths, and shows where they shine and need help.

Track and learn

Aisti makes it easy to follow how the changes your team makes impact their lives and your organisation.

Support your team

Aisti provides immediate personalised feedback and wellbeing progress tracking to give your employees the tools they need to proactively improve their health.

How to get started?

Get started

Request a demo and we’ll put together an offer based on your company needs.

Invite your team

We’ll invite your employees to do the Aisti Health assessment and support them along the way.

Track your wellbeing

We’ll help you dive deep into your team’s wellbeing with Aisti group-level reports.

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